Welcome to our Open Gym „Werkstatt“ - Saalbach`s home of athletic and fit people!

Our Werkstatt is a community based „Open Gym“ for sports-minded locals, seasonal workers, and friends who need a space to practice functional fitness such as: Calisthenics, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Power Lifting, Conditioning, Olympic Weightlifting and Basic Gymnastics. Our gym is not like an ordinary gym with treadmills and big fitness machines.

Our training crew focuses on constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, including bodyweight, bar-and dumbells, rowing machines or bike-ergs, gymnastic movements and core strengh elements.  The goal  is to maintain and improve a good healthy level of fitness throughout the daily working routine by training on a regular basis in a friendly environment!

The House

Back in the days our Werkstatt used to be Kurt Schwarzenbachers glazier`s workshop. After closing this workshop his son Ludwig and the Schwarzenbacher Family decided to prepare and open the house for health focused people who need a space to train in small groups or by themselves. The three modern and bright rooms are well equipped (see in "ROOMS").

The concept of two rowers, ski and bike-ergs combined with brand new bumper plates and barbells will boost your heavy interval training sessions, the sound system will do the rest to make every WOD a fun game. There is also a fridge with healthy drinks and protein bars to cool down after your workout while hanging out with your training buddies in the lounge area. 

Outlook 2021 + 2022

At the moment the Werkstatt - Open Gym is organized as a sports club with a voluntary management comprising of Ludwig , Florian, Simone and Katrin Schwarzenbacher including Evy Lecher and Corinne Amon as coaches. 


Evy and Ludwig are planning to expand the gym in the near future. The basement will become a big group training room and an outdoor training space by the river ist on plan. The final goal is to host CrossFit and Pilates group classes on a regular basis for members and tourists in Saalbach. Futhermore the gym will become an official CrossFit affiliate and will be listet on www.crossfit.com.


Step by step our strong and fit community will grow, but before Evy and Ludwig venture their project in Saalbach, follow their current roadtrip on Instagram: